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Our Most Recent Event!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Holmesfield Village Hall Screening has just taken place, and we are super proud to be a part of such a great event for all the family!

We at Screen Together truly enjoyed the event and recommend anyone who’s interested to attend in the future.

The Event

This event was hosted at the Holmesfield Village hall. A very impressive location with a variety of facilities to cater for all sorts of events, with a large hall and adjacent welcome area, café corner, toilets, and a stage. Holmesfield committee booked us in straight away to support their event.

We worked together to bring a beautiful night to remember for all attendees with a full setup before guests arrived. We went through our various equipment checks and creative decoration decisions, making sure we gave attention to every detail until the client was happy, and we even joined in on the night!

We showed the Polar Express on our high-quality projector with 2 x 350W speakers. There was laughter, surprise, and mystery as lights went down and the snacks came out. The audience was full of families of all ages who thoroughly enjoy the night. Everyone was immersed in the bright, bold and vivid colours that flashed through the projector onto the big screen, with the clear impactful sounds of the speaker setup and the décor surrounding the screen.

Many Thanks to Holmesfield Village Hall

We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and welcome many more to come, will you be the next? Special thanks to Holmesfield for being so accommodating and so lovely to us!



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