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Event Customer Responsibilities


Booking (paying) represents that you've read through and agreed to the following, we may also ask you to Sign in person to confirm this agreement as well.


1. I confirm receipt of equipment from ScreenTogether Delivery Team and agree for them to set up and collect ScreenTogether equipment from my property.


2. I will provide the following on and around my booking day.

- My own equipment for viewing digital entertainment content (laptop, sky box, Roku 2020+, DVD player etc and their respective power cables).

- A flat clear surface around 3.5 metres by 6.5 metres for setup.

- I will keep volume levels to an appropriate decibel level for neighbours and safe ear protection.

- I'll monitor ScreenTogether equipment and my own, to prevent risk of injury and theft (example: projectors light bulb could be damaging to eyes, trip hazards, heavy equipment injury, fire etc).


3. Children must be supervised around equipment by a competent adult and shouldn't use, push, pull etc, any of the equipment we setup and collect.

4. Appropriately allow the ScreenTogether team to setup and collect, with space and less disturbances.


5. I understand Electrical equipment is dangerous and will actively look after myself and others while using said equipment and if I am unsure of its safety I will prevent myself and others from using the equipment and contact the ScreenTogether Team or a registered professional.

If you are unsure about any of these points before you book with us & sign on the booking date, please ask a ScreenTogether Team member to explain further and we hope you enjoy! ,Contact Us.



Please note we will arrive 15 minutes before the delivery to load the

equipment just outside your front door. For COVID reasons, we maybe

wearing masks to allow us to come onto your property and set-up the

equipment in the place of your choosing. We expect full set up to take around 50 minutes to 1hour 30minutes, depending on the complexity of the equipment required and its location. If there are any issues, please advise us at the time of delivery.


On collection, after your event has ended, we will arrive at the time

allocated during booking. This can sometimes be late at night so please

ensure there is somebody available to receive us as we arrive to carry out

this work. We will check and remove all the equipment rented against the

list supplied on delivery. If there are any discrepancies, we will let you know

at the time. We anticipate this will take around the same time as set-up

above. Again, we will be following social distancing rules and will be wearing

the appropriate PPE.


Returned equipment will be checked over within 24 hours to evaluate the

condition and to check all equipment is accounted for, arrange a refund of

the deposit, subject to satisfactory return. The refund will be transferred via

bank transfer to the nominated account details, 24 - 48 hours after the

booking date, this could be extended further if any unexpected delays occur.




If you would like to change the date or cancel your booking, please let us

know more than 7 days before the booking date. Full cancellation very close

to the event (under 7 days before) may-be subject to a partial refund, instead

of a full refund, but postponing is perfectly acceptable.


Technology issues

If you experience Technology issues (screen together equipment not

functioning) during your event, we will try our utmost to resolve these issues,

either via phone-call if our team are too far away from the event site or in-

person if we're attending. We have the expertise to resolve most Tech-issues.

However we currently cannot replace equipment, if it fully stops functioning.
I also acknowledge that the projectors' projections may also be less clear on bright days and so we advise you to start events in the evenings or with our double gazebo setups if you’re planning an early screening outdoors.


Adverse Weather


Our setups are curated with the typical British summer in-mind, with strong

stable gazebos that cover attendees from mild weather conditions, with the

vast majority of equipment setup with the booking days weather in-mind.

Please note all electrical equipment is not weather safe, but will be setup

undercover. If Adverse weather is predicted on customers booking evening

then there is always the option to postpone to another available date. In an extreme weather situation where postponing is not possible we can usually offer a refund.


Health & Safety


All equipment must only be used under competent adult supervision.

In particular, any electrical equipment must not be allowed to get wet. Our

electrical mains cables will all be protected by water resistant covers and

circuit breakers which will provide a lot of protection but are not a perfect

safeguard, so it is the responsibility of the adult supervisors to ensure that

water does not get into electrical equipment. If there is any concern over

this please take out the plugs inside the house to fully disconnect all power

sources and do not reconnect, if further concern do not use (touch) any of

the electrical equipment and call us or a specialist for advice. Some booking may also use different types of heaters for example Radiant heaters, these may get hot so avoid touching these, getting too close or covering the heaters.

Please don't allow children to play with the equipment, such as use any

electrical equipment, hand-on, pull, push any equipment, we build our setups

with so much safety in-mind, however we cannot predict all scenarios.

Some equipment provided can reach weights of around 20kg. It is essential

that anybody man-handling these takes great care to avoid personal injury. We

cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damage caused by any of our



Conclusion of terms


The contents of this document constitute our general terms and conditions but

in particular we would like to point out that if there was any major damage to

the equipment, we would reserve the right to charge a further fee to cover the cost of damage. We also cannot provide the movie, tv, streaming software, music, that is for the customer to source and share if they so choose. Please research in-regards to needing a Movie/music License if you choose to share these in a public setting. Each section here represents what screen together requires you, the customer, to agree to before booking, by booking (paying) you agree to these terms, we may also bring a sign sheet in-person, for you, the customer, to sign as-well.


Additional Information


If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we

will try our level best to solve them. Our aim is to help you have a really

fantastic service, catering to everything you have booked!! Thank you again for your booking.


We hope you have a brilliant experience!


Open For Bookings Now

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