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The customer, on booking any of our services, needs to adhere to the following terms and conditions:


To secure a booking, we require the full fee at the time of booking, including refundable deposit. Once payment has been made, we will send over the booking confirmations with all the details for the booking. Any cancellations need to be no less than one week prior to the booking. All bookings are normally for one night, with pick-up the next day but this can be changed, if needed. This could come at an additional cost, subject to availability


All our bookings require a £30 refundable deposit. Returned equipment will be checked over within 24 hours to evaluate the condition and arrange for a refund of the deposit, subject to satisfactory return. The refund will be transferred via bank transfer to the nominated account.

Customer Responsibility

The customer is responsible for providing the following: A method of streaming i.e. DVD or Blu-ray player, ROKU, Chromecast etc (we will provide a long length HDMI cable so you are able to connect it from a device inside your home). Electrical equipment is powered by 3 pin indoor plugs. The customer is expected to provide the power source. The gazebos and furniture will require a flat clean surface with no sharp objects which could damage, puncture, or tear the equipment. We will inform you about the size of the flat area needed for each booking. For example: Our gazebos would need a 3m x 3m space and the projector will need a length of 3.6m from the screen. The customer needs to ensure that speaker volume is at an appropriate level and that they have informed neighbours where necessary. The equipment provided should be supervised all the time for both safety and risk of theft.


Delivery will be made to the address as arranged at the booking process. We can’t be held responsible for delivery delays outside of our control. We will do our utmost to fit with the original booking. We will also go to every effort to let you know when we are arriving. The set-up should take around 1 hour – 2, depending on package. Additional charges may apply if you are outside our maximum radius of travel.


Collection time will be confirmed during the booking process. It is important that there is somebody there to help us gain access to pick up the equipment. We will check and remove all the equipment rented against the list supplied on delivery. If there are any discrepancies, we will let you know at the time. We anticipate this will take around the same time as set-up above.

Adverse Weather

We will keep an eye on weather conditions as heavy rain and wind may affect the equipment. We will be happy to postpone or cancel your booking, if necessary, with a full refund if we agree it can be cancelled for this reason.

Health and Safety

All equipment must only be used under competent adult supervision. Any electrical equipment must not be allowed to get wet. We may be supplying water resistant boxes for the projector and cables. This will not withstand persistent rain, spillages or immersing in water. Our electrical mains cables will all be protected by RCD circuit breakers at the indoor power connection which will provide a lot of protection, but they are not a perfect safeguard, so it is the responsibility of the adult supervisors to ensure that water does not get into electrical equipment. If there is any concern over this, please disconnect the plugs inside the house to fully disconnect all power sources and do not reconnect. Children should not be allowed to play on the equipment. Some equipment provided can reach weights of around 20kg or more. It is essential that anybody manhandling these takes great care to avoid personal injury. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damage caused by any of our equipment. 
It is important to make sure that people do not look straight into the projector lens when it is in use. Anyone who does this, runs the risk of exposing their eyes to light intensities that could exceed one of the exposure limits that HSE uses as a guide for determining compliance with applicable legislation. Do not place the projector on an unstable stand, or table. Do not operate the projector on its side, or while tilted to one side. Do not tilt the projector more than 30° forward or back.

Terms and Conditions

These are our general terms and conditions. We would like to point out that if there was any major damage to the equipment, we would reserve the right to charge a further fee to cover the cost of damage.

From Us

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will try our level best to solve them. Our aim is to help you have a fantastic service, catering to everything you have booked!! Thank you again for your booking.
We hope you have a brilliant experience!


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